Special 50 Red Rose Flowers Bouquet With Red Paper

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Original price was: ₨ 10,000.Current price is: ₨ 8,000.

A tribute to love that is true This bouquet of romance and love is all you require. Twirling twice on two levels These red roses touch in the soul of that beloved person and ignite the bond by igniting the flames of eternal love and affection!


2 Layer Bunch of 50 Red Roses

Enhance the essence of your emotions by gifting our gorgeous 2-layer bouquet comprising 50 Red Roses, a harmony of passion and sophistication. This exquisite arrangement captures the eternal beauty of 50 radiant red roses carefully curated and expertly placed to create a stunning visual masterpiece. Each soft petal tells tales of passion, love and deep admiration.

Take a deep dive into the rich soft, rich red hues that represent not only love, but also strength and respect. The two-tiered design gives it a sophisticated touch which makes it a stunning centerpiece for any event such as an intimate gesture, anniversary celebration or even an expression of deep gratitude.

The bouquet goes beyond mere flowers and transforms into a poetic expression of your heartfelt feelings. The romantic, rich aroma of these flowers inhale the air creating a space that is filled with warmth and love. Discover the beauty of roses in red, expertly placed in layers, so that you send the message of love that transcends words. expression of love that’s just as beautiful as the love that it symbolizes.


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